Release notes


  • Remove Content-Type headers when fetching genbank files

Detailed changes since v1.8.4


  • Corrupted lock bug fix
  • Export to SVG with no loaded tiles bug fix
  • selectRows option for Horizontal Multivec Tracks

Detailed changes since v1.8.3


  • Added "empty" track

Detailed changes since v1.8.2


  • Fixed horizontal track not rendering properly in vertical position bug

Detailed changes since v1.8.1


  • Prettified JS code
  • Added labelShowAssembly as an option to allow hiding the assembly in track label (e.g. hg19 | text)
  • Added tickFormat and tickPosition options to the chromosome labels track
  • Enabled the colorbar slider by adding the options colorbarPosition and colorbarBackgroundColor for the horizontal-multivec
  • Added release notes to docs.
  • Added support for selecting and filtering rows of the horizontal-multivec track via the selectRows option.

Detailed changes since v1.8.0


  • Added the option to flip 2D annotations across the diagonal
  • Update heatmap docs with colorRange parameter
  • Update BedLikeTrack to display strand-specific entries
  • Added 'segment' style to the BedLikeTrack
  • Updated default plot types when adding tracks
  • When adding multiple tracks at once that have different datatype, each track is added with its default plot type. The plot type chooser is hidden.
  • In HorizontalLine1DPixiTrack, make sure that this.valueScale is set when getMouseOverHtml() is called.
  • VerticalRule, HorizontalRule, and CrossRule tracks included in SVG and PNG exports.

Detailed changes since v1.7.2


  • Refactored the scroll options and bounded into a new property called sizeMode. There are now 4 different size modes, which determine the visible height of the HiGlass instance:
    1. default: the height is given by the sum of the tracks' heights
    2. bounded: tells the HiGlass component to bind the height to the parent container by dynamically adjusting the height of center tracks.
    3. scroll: will activate scrolling by stretching HiGlass' drawing surface to the extent of parent DOM element and hiding overflowing content in the x direction and allowing to scroll when content overflows in the y direction.
    4. overflow: same as scroll except that you can't scroll. This mode is only needed when you want to dynamically switch between scrolling and pan+zooming.

Detailed changes since v1.7.0


Same as v1.7.0. This is just due to a glitch at


  • Add support for scrollable views. Activate via the option scrollable: true. Once you activate scrollable views all views are automatically zoomfixed! See http://localhost:8080/others/scrollable-container.html for an example.
  • Add option(key, value) to the JS API for changing options. It supports getting all options when value is ommited and setting scrollable.
  • Properly display "Loading" while loading tileset info
  • Add support to ignore offscreen values for value scale locking by setting ignoreOffScreenValues: true for a lock group in locksDict.

Detailed changes since v1.6.12


  • Rename React lifecycle methods according to their recommendations
  • Add support for borders (via the stroke, strokeWidth, strokeOpacity, and strokePos options) and outlines (via the outline, outlineWidth, outlineOpacity, and outlinePos options) to overlays. See http://localhost:8080/apis/svg.html?/viewconfs/fancy-overlays.json for an example.
  • Fixed horizontal rule bug (from Slack)

Detailed changes since v1.6.11


  • Overlay track bug fixes
  • Added minWidth and minHeight options to overlays for better guidance
  • Allow viewconf JSON to override minimum track height or width defaults, when a track specifies a minHeight or minWidth parameter

Detailed changes since v1.6.10


  • Add API call for show track chooser (hgApi.showTrackChooser())
  • Limit icon size in plot type chooser
  • Add non-gzipped support to genbank-fetcher
  • Better error handling for genbank fetcher

Detailed changes since v1.6.9


  • Enable brushing on bar, point, and 1d-heatmap tracks

Detailed changes since v1.6.8


  • Add infrastructure for value scale zooming
  • Fixed the colors when dragging a track over a higlass display
  • Added support for value scale zooming
  • Added utils/track-utils to provide track functionality for use without inheritance
  • Implemented a genbank data fetcher for gene annotation tracks

Detailed changes since v1.6.7


  • Fix #747: the tooltip value wasn't shown because of an issue related to minimizing the code
  • Fix #743: the tooltip position now incorporates the scroll position
  • Fix drag handle styling (typo)
  • Make drag handle area (not the style) bigger so it's easier to grab

Detailed changes since v1.6.6


  • Fix #732: Remove the hold ALT feature as it's confusion and leads to a weird bug.
  • Fix leaking dark mode setting
  • Change option to activate dark theme from isDarkTheme: true to theme: 'dark'. Also, use setTheme() of the JsAPI instead of setDarkTheme() from now on.
  • Copy the tile data before mutation to fix an issue when displaying the same tileset twice (once in the upper right and lower left triangle)

Detailed changes since v1.6.5


  • Fixed the replace track bug (where replacing a center track wouldn't do anything)

Detailed changes since v1.6.4


  • Truly fix #593: zoom to data extent when adding the first track to an empty view

Detailed changes since v1.6.3


  • Dynamically update dark theme when the options change
  • Fix #722: added labelShowResolution as an option to allow hiding the [Current data resolution...] text
  • Add support for missing values (NaNs) to the 1D heatmap track
  • Use the new link format

Detailed changes since v1.6.2


  • Render horizontal-heatmap track properly in PIXI v4 and v5
  • Expose pixi renderer to plugin tracks to allow them to render textures from graphics objects. (More here:

Detailed changes since v1.6.1


  • Fix visual glitches with the new Modal when run in higlass-app
  • Really fix #651: set correct namespace for SVG exports
  • Treat tilesetInfo.mirror_tiles = false as a falsy value
  • Fixed: Save and Close in the ViewConfigEditor works properly

Detailed changes since v1.6.0


  • Add an option to restrict the extent of central heatmaps to the upper-right or lower-left corner to enable comparison of two heatmaps in the center. Run npm start and see http://localhost:8080/apis/svg.html?/viewconfs/diagonal-split-heatmap.json for an example
  • Updated pixi.js to version 5. In your html files you need to replace the previous PixiJS loader with <script crossorigin src=""></script> (or <script crossorigin src=""></script> if you want to use the Canvas renderer)
  • Add a dialog to directly edit the view config in the browser
  • Replace ReactBootstrap modal with custom modal to not rely on Bootstrap and support Jupyter
  • Updated pub-sub-es to version 1.2.1 to fix a bug in the shorthand event unsubscription
  • Added an example of a map overlay
  • Support semi-transparent colormaps through RGBA colors
  • Update Mapbox endpoint. See http://localhost:8080/others/mapbox.html for an example.
  • Improve performance of the mousemove-related event handling
  • Remove unused properties from the exported view config
  • Improve performance of tiles fetching through a combination of throttling and debouncing
  • Fix a minor visual glitch with the positioning of track-related divs
  • Fix OSM track to avoid CORS issues in Chrome and allow setting minPos to 0
  • Fix #648: Auto select and copy URL when exporting a view by link
  • Fix #647: Shows correct URL when specifying an absolute URL as exportViewUrl in the viewconf
  • Fix #651: set correct namespace for SVG exports
  • Fix #593: zoom to data extent when adding the first track to an empty view

Detailed changes since v1.5.8


  • Fix a value scale syncing bug
  • Update the docs

Detailed changes since v1.5.7


  • Fix #637 - SVG export fill color doesn't match what is selected
  • Switch to nearest neighbor interpolation for horizontal heatmaps

Detailed changes since v1.5.8


  • Allow any horizontal track to also be placed on the left or right

Detailed changes since v1.5.8


  • Fixed #612: resolved an issue with caseinsensitive chromosome names
  • Destroy heatmap sprites and axis texts to mitigate memory leak

Detailed changes since v1.5.4


  • Fix the multiple component passive event issue by replacing the dom-event.js handlers with a class so that each component maintains its own context

Detailed changes since v1.5.3


  • Let HorizontalLineTracks look up tileset_info.tile_size and tileset_info.bins_per_dimension
  • Specify default track types directly in showAvailableTrackTypes API
  • Updated the docs deploy directory
  • Updated the javascript API example to include a full working html page
  • Use default height for new tracks rather than min height. Fixes newly added gene annotations so that they show names without having to be resized
  • Fixed bug that was causing overlay tracks to not appear
  • Fixed horizontal-vector-heatmap error thrown bug by padding incomplete incoming data arrays

Detailed changes since v1.5.1


  • Fixed UI hanging on mouseover of zoomed out matrix bug
  • Fixed #588: horizontal heatmap zoom limit bug
  • Reset value scale locks when new viewconf is added
  • Added a default track type for the chromsizes datatype
  • Fixed drag handler pubSub reference
  • Fixed #596: scrolling while zooming bug introduced in latest chrome

Detailed changes since v1.5.0


  • Allow sharing the mouse position globally. See docs/examples/others/global-mouse-position.html for an example.
  • Allow disabling the change of views and tracks separately by setting viewEditable: false and tracksEditable: false in your view config.
  • Added ability to define label margins. See docs/examples/viewconfs/label-margin.json for an example.
  • Make view spacing adjustable via initialization options. See /docs/examples/others/adjust-view-spacing.html for an example.
  • Add a new option to tracks that support axis: axisMargin to add some margin to an axis. See docs/examples/viewconfs/axis-margin.json for an example
  • Add a new option to BarTrack for drawing a demarcation line at the bottom of the track, i.e., at the zero value. See /apis/svg.html?/viewconfs/bar-zero-line.json for an example.
  • Fixed an issue with small offsets when exporting bar tracks to SVG
  • Fixed an issue where bars in a BarTrack related to values higher than valueScaleMax were not drawn.
  • Fixed an issue with hgApi.setTrackValueScaleLimits
  • Fix #291: allow web page scrolling when zoomFixed is set to true
  • Fix #578: BarTrack SVG export overplotting error.
  • Fix #584: Reset viewport is broken

Detailed changes since v1.4.2


  • Fix #568, #569


  • Allow users to choose adding the chromosome grid overlay from the Add Track Dialog when selecting a cooler file.
  • Expose version from hglib. E.g., window.hglib.version


  • Add constIndicators as an option to 1D tracks for displaying a visual indicator (e.g., a line) at a constant value.
  • Added [glyph-color] as the default option for line and bar tracks
  • Add new public event cursorLocation. See docs/examples/apis/cursor-location.html for an example.
  • Extend mouseMoveZoom event to support 1D data tracks.
  • Expose D3 libraries to plugin tracks
  • Overlay tracks now properly allow for extent to include multiple ranges.
  • Overlay tracks can now optionally have extent ranges configured as a 4-tuple, separating x ranges from y ranges


  • Clear mouse position indicator when leaving the root dom element, on blurring the window, and when no track is hovered


  • Changed defaultOptions to defaultTrackOptions in the hglib.viewer options.
  • Added TiledPixiTrack.on event handler to listen to data changes
  • Added several API endpoints: getComponent(), setAuthHeader(), getAuthHeader(),
  • Added export of several utility functions: waitForJsonComplete(), waitForTilesLoaded(), waitForTransitionsFinished(), mountHGComponent(), getTrackObjectFromHGC()
  • Added the ability to specify default track options through the API
  • Added nesting to the tileset finder so that tilesets can be grouped together into categories
  • Added the axisLabelFormatting option to 1d quantitative tracks
  • Added TiledPixiTrack.on event handler
  • Added getTrackObject to exports
  • Added support for overlay tracks
  • Minor bug fix wherein valueScaleMin and valueScaleMax weren't used when set to 0
  • Added support for click event handling of 1D and 2D annotations from 1d-annotation and chromosome-2d-annotations tracks
  • Cloned views split vertically first (#259)
  • Change component height when a new viewconf is passed in
  • Add a fudge factor to ensure that the entire view is shown in the grid layout
  • Refactored the pub-sub service to avoid implicit global event listening
  • Fix a minor visual glitch in the gene annotation track
  • Expose mix() from mixwith to plugin tracks
  • Support different aggregation modes (mean, min, max, std) for bigWig files
  • Changed defaultOptions to defaultTrackOptions in the hglib.viewer options.
  • Clear mouse position indicator when leaving the root dom element, on blurring the window, and when no track is hovered
  • Fix several issue with SVG export
  • Minor bug fix wherein valueScaleMin and valueScaleMax weren't used when set to 0
  • Fix #401
  • Fix #395
  • Fix #360
  • Support different aggregation modes (mean, min, max, std) for bigWig files


  • Added editable as a possible option to hglib.viewer()
  • Enabled arbitrary tile resolution in HeatmapTiledPixiTrack. It just needs to receive bins_per_dimension in the tileset info. Otherwise it defaults to 256.


  • Fixed trackSourceServer export
  • Fixed BedLikeTrack errors being thrown


  • Fix remote viewConf loading in HiGlassComponent


  • Fix #322
  • Fix missing update of the value scale upon rerendering
  • Fix absToChr and chrToAbs of the ChromInfo API
  • Fixed a nasty rendering bug in the chrom labels track


  • Fixed line inversion issue (#268)
  • Fixed fetched area size mismatch issue on mouseover
  • Added mouseover text to UI elements
  • Upgraded to webpack 4
  • Started building hglib.js and hglib.min.js
  • Support for searching for gene names with dashes
  • Sort tilesets alphabetically (#256)
  • Fixed zoom linking issues (#251, #76)

v1.2.1 and v1.2.2

  • Accidental releases. Please ignore.


  • Add 1D heatmap track (#303): Alternative visual representation of 1D bigwig tracks. See and for an example.

1D Heatmap Track

  • Add fixing y-scale of 1D data tracks (#297). See and for an example.
  • Add JS-API for resetting the viewport back to the initial x and y domains in the viewconfig (#289)
  • Add JS-API for adjusting the margin of the HiGlass instance (#286). See for an example.
  • Add JS-API for getting the min and max value of a track (#298). See for an example.
  • Enhance bed track (#278): support value encoding as the y offset or color. See for an example.
  • Enhance gene annotation track (#314): See and for an example.

Enhanced Gene Annotation Track

  • Enhance chrom label track (#305): add support for adjusting the font size, font alignment, and font outline to use space more economically. See and for an example.

Enhanced Chrom Label Track

  • Enhance bar track (#304): add color and gradient encoding plus diverging tracks. See and for an example.

Enhanced Bar Track

  • Expose absToChr and chrToAbs API on ChromInfo (#283 and #307)
  • Upgrade to React v16.5
  • Removed numjs (#320)
  • Update tool tip appearance (#309)
  • Make resize handle fade out and in upon mouse enter of a draggable div
  • Enlarge resize handle upon mouse enter
  • Remove all tracks from the 'whole' window when clearing the view
  • Fix viewport projection issue when there are vertical and horizontal rules
  • Fix colorbar positioning bug
  • Fix #317 (moving gene positions)
  • Fix #263
  • Fix #245: track type selection bug
  • Fix #262: zoom to data extent issue


  • Merge'd Chuck's PR for adding 'same-origin' to fetch request headers
  • Fixed a bug where a view without a layout is created with a width of 1


  • Fix the checkAllTilesetInfoReceived function so that it ignores left and top axis tracks
  • First release to be registered with Zenodo


  • Add z-index to mouseover div so that it's not hidden behind other elements


  • Inline the SVG styles so they aren't overwritten by other elments on the page
  • Inline TrackControl svg styles so they aren't overwritten by page css settings
  • Clear gene annotation graphics before redrawing


  • Fixed export track data bug in heatmaps that are not combined tracks


  • Check whether the tileset_info specifies that the tiles should be mirrored
  • Added data export feature
  • Added showMousePosition and showMouseTooltip to horizontal-bar-track


  • Zoom through the viewport projection


  • Fixed cross rule bug


  • Added vertical divergent bar tracks
  • Fixed export in SVG
  • Fix mouseover error when trackrenderer hasn't been initialized yet
  • Added zoomFixed option to the top level of the viewconf
  • Use transpiled version of mixwith.js
  • Add options to change the background of the label and colorbar

v1.0.1 (2018-06-14)

  • Fixed background export in SVG
  • Turned off line mouseover by default


  • Fixed long loading bug on zoomed in genes


  • Fixed gene stretching issues


  • Fixed background rendering after resizing
  • Fixed viewconf export link (use state.viewconf vs props.viewconf)


  • Fixed lock value scales


  • Fixed tooltip scrollbar appearance
  • Fixed context menu appearing issue


  • Fixed scrolling bug when multiple higlass components are on a single page
  • Fixed hover bug in combined tracks


  • Added triangles to genes
  • Preliminary authentication support
  • Added track for displaying gigapixel images
  • Added GeoJSON track and updated OSM track
  • Added mouseMoveZoom event to public API
  • Fixed and extended pubSub module
  • Added flexible per-track crosshair
  • Fixed and robustified range selection API
  • Display error message on error
  • Don't error when displaying menus when invalid track type is entered
  • Added an endpoint for sharing view configs as a link (shareViewConfigAsLink()) and exporting them as png and svg (get('png' || 'svg'))
  • Simplified hglib API
  • Updated third-party libs to get rid of deprecation warnings for React v16
  • Fixed small bug in placing rules
  • Display error when failing to retrieve tilesetInfo
  • Added support for cross-section tracks
  • Rendering improvements

v0.10.22 (2018-02-22)

  • Added options to change the fill color of bedlike tracks

v0.10.21 (2018-02-21)

  • Exposed the ChromosomeInfo structure as part of the hglib API

v0.10.20 (2018-02-??

  • Rendering improvements

v0.10.20 (2018-02-20)

  • Fixed api variable in HiGlassComponent
  • Fixed relToAbsChromPos so that it converts locations to numbers before adding
  • Added strokeWidth as an option to the viewport projection track

v0.10.19 (2018-02-11)

  • Fixed the 2D chromosome labels track

v0.10.18 (2018-02-11)

  • Fixed Horizontal2DTilesTrack

v0.10.16 (2018-

  • Don't show the "Strange tileData" warnings
  • Pegged bootstrap to version 3.3.7

v0.10.16 (2018-02-01)

  • Fixed a bug during active range selection when the select mouse tool is deactivated

v0.10.15 (2018-01-30)

  • Added the vertical bed-like track

v0.10.13 (2018-01-25)

  • Added the multivec track

v0.10.12 (2018-01-21)

  • Fixed pseudocounts in linear-scaled heatmaps

v0.10.12 (2018-01-20)

  • Fixed get scale bug

v0.10.11 (2018-01-17)

  • Fixed non-draggable views bug

v0.10.10 (2018-01-17)

  • Default to log scaling if there are negative values
  • Fixed the custom colormap
  • Fix the gene annotations color changing
  • Fixed two regressions regarding the viewport projections

v0.10.9 (2018-01-13)

  • Skipping a version because the latest version wasn't specified in package.json


  • Skipping a version because the latest version wasn't specified in package.json

v0.10.7 (2018-01-13)

  • Show current data resolution in tiled sets containing raw resolutions rather than zoom levels

v0.10.6 (2017-12-28)

  • Load ResizeSensors after the element is attached to the DOM tree
  • Added DivergentBarTrack
  • Fixed submenu hiding bug

v0.10.5 (2017-12-27)

  • Fixed bug in TrackRenderer.setUpInitialScales where updating the view with new equivalent initial domains and different dimensions led to the view being misplaced
  • Added z-index to popup menus

v0.10.4 (2017-12-16)

  • Fixed a bug in zoomToData
  • New API call for setViewConfig
  • New API call for zoomToDataExtent

v0.10.3 (2017-12-13)

  • Don't include a colon if the port is 80
  • Added an option to clear the view
  • Exclude NaN values when setting the valueScale
  • Fixed bug related to displaying empty matrix tiles

v0.10.2 (2017-12-12)

  • Fixed a bug in loading tileset info that isn't there
  • Better error handling on internal server error
  • Removed functionless menu item

v0.10.1 (2017-12-05)

  • Fixed bug in Bedlike tracks that don't have a header

v0.10.0 (2017-12-05)

  • Change track type from the config menu
  • Initial framework for divided by tracks
  • Y-positioned bed-like tracks

v0.9.16 (2017-

  • Fixed undefined error when toggling genome position search box

v0.9.15 (2017-11-22)

  • Fixed bug where newly selected annotations weren't being used
  • Added the hideHeader option
  • Added a warning for malformed gene annotations
  • Free up webgl renderer resources when unmount
  • Minor CSS cleanup
  • Fix resizing bug that appears after closing a view
  • Warn if there are no track source servers specified in the viewconf

v0.9.14 (2017-11-11)

  • Show labels on bar chart

v0.9.13 (2017-11-09)

  • Fixed gene position searching regression

v0.9.12 (2017-11-08)

  • Fix inter-chromosomal searches (chr1-chr2)

v0.9.11 (2017-11-08)

  • Fix gene annotation coloring bug
  • Fix menu clash error that occurs when a center track is specified without a combined track
  • Zoom into entire chromosomes by just entering its name

v0.9.10 (2017-11-01)

  • Fixed d3 brush Error: attribute height: Expected length, "Infinity"
  • Fixed scale initialization error
  • Added back heatmap value scaling
  • Fixed horizontal heatmap multires tile loading
  • Better point export

v0.9.9 (2017-11-01)

  • Fix SVG bar chart export
  • Fixed network error on SVG export again (from v0.8.44)

v0.9.8 (2017-10-31)

  • Switch back to minified build

v0.9.7 (2017-10-31)

  • Initialize scales when viewconfig is loaded rather than on handleScalesChanged

v0.9.6 (2017-10-31)

  • Faulty build (package.json wasn't there)

v0.9.5 (2017-10-31)

  • Fix visual clash of the center track's context menu and the colormap
  • Make visualization of 2D annotations more flexible: stroke width and fill / stroke opacity can be changed
  • Create debug output files

v0.9.4 (2017-10-26)

  • Reintroduced value scale serialization fix
  • Fixed HorizontalHeatmapExport
  • Added a minimum width to 2D annotations
  • Added SVG export for 2d-rectangle-domains track

v0.9.3 (2017-10-23)

  • Removed console log statement

v0.9.2 (2017-10-23)

  • Fixed the build script to copy hglib.css rather than style.css

v0.9.1 (2017-10-23)

  • Add support for vertical bar tracks
  • Fixed .travis.yml release issue

v0.9.0 (2017-10-21)

  • Add 1D and 2D range selection
  • Add support for SASS
  • Add support for CSS Modules
  • Update visuals of the context menu and view header
  • Integrate search bar into view header
  • Add ESLint and adhere to consistent code style
  • (Fix #135) - Colorbar moves with the track when it's being resized
  • (Fix #126) - Gene annotations shouldn't overlap on vertical tracks anymore
  • Keep track controls visible if config menu is active
  • Show child menus above the parent if there isn't enough space on the bottom
  • Add port number when exporting viewconfs from a non-standard port
  • Support arbitrary resolutions in heatmaps


  • Redraw TiledPixiTracks after the tileset info has been received
  • Remove value scale locks on handleCloseTrack
  • Check that tiledPlot is defined in createSVG to fix the export failing when there's two side-by-side by views created after closing one
  • Fixed the "Failed: network error" issue in chrome by changing the "download" function in utils.js


  • More fixes for SVG output for bedlike tracks


  • Fixed SVG output for bedlike tracks


  • Fixed chromosome grid color bug
  • Fixed chromosome grid loading with many values bug


  • Fixed value scale locking bug


  • Fixed center track label background oddness (#144)


  • (fix #146) Fixed value scale locking serialization bug
  • Fixed gene annotation SVG export
  • Fixed chromosome ticks SVG export


  • Fixed colorbar hiding bug (Issue #131)


  • Fixed horizontal heatmap loading after the adjustable color scale changes
  • Fixed vertical heatmap loading
  • Fixed vertical heatmap colorscale brush in LeftTrackModifier


  • Removed the outside colorbar labels option (it's a little ambiguous on the right side since the labels will be adjacent to the other axis elements.


  • Removed tests from package.json so that build completes (tests fail on travis for some reason)


  • Add a color limit selection to the Heatmap track in HiGlass


  • Cherry picked the BedLikeTrack from the circle branch


  • Fixed dependencies (peer and normal)
  • Fixed other minor issues with package.json


  • Fixed bug wher the "Loading" sign remained with 1D point tracks


  • Different mapbox style options


  • Hidden OSM tiles
  • Customizeable osm width


  • Major performance improvements for Gene annotations and horizontal points
  • Fixed bug in searching for genome positions with a space at one of the ends
  • Added the OSM tiles


  • Don't show chromosome sizes as a separate track

v0.8.22 - 2017-07-13

  • Safari add track bug fix
  • Backwards compatibility on selectable chromosome axis tracks

v0.8.21 - 2017-07-10

  • Fixed the default transformation for horizontal tracks

v0.8.20 - 2017-07-10

  • Fix label display

v0.8.19 - 2017-07-10

  • Added the ability to select different transformations

v0.8.18 - 2017-06-29

  • Fixed custom colormap picker
  • Fixed overlayed track addition on double click

v0.8.17 - 2017-06-28

  • Performance improvements

v0.8.16 - 2017-06-27

  • Fixed a regression where closing views didn't remove the associated PIXI Components
  • Increased the drag timeout time to 5 seconds

v0.8.15 - 2017-06-26

  • Lowered the maximum number of tiles retrieved at once to 20

v0.8.14 - 2017-06-26

  • Increase the maximum number of tiles retrieved at once to 40

v0.8.13 - 2017-06-26

  • Option to draw borders around tracks
  • Option to change the stroke, fill colors and opacity of the horizontal-2d-rectangle-domains track

v0.8.12 - 2017-06-26

  • Hide overflow track handles

v0.8.11 - 2017-06-26

  • Fixed double click track addition bug
  • Mask view boundaries so that when the tracks are too large to fit inside, they don't overflow outside of their view
  • Added favicon

v0.8.10 - 2017-06-25

  • Multiple tileset selection
  • Disabled zooming on scrolling fix


  • Make sure that the zoomable div matches the size of the container

v0.8.8 - 2017-06-20

  • Don't start zooming when scrolling into a HGC

v0.8.7 - 2017-06-18

  • Decreased the maximum colorbar height
  • Made the draggable div handles more transparent
  • Lowered the minimum height for chromosome axes

v0.8.6 - 2017-06-18

  • Fixed a bug where the HG Component would automatically and indefinitely increase in size

v0.8.5 - 2017-06-16

  • Fixed view linking bug (regression)
  • Added horizontal and vertical 2D domains tracks

v0.8.4 - 2017-06-12

  • Include a limit in the tilesets query so that all results are returned

v0.8.3 - 2017-06-06

  • Fixed a regression where adding new tracks doesn't work

v0.8.2 - 2017-06-01

  • Move hglib.css to dist/styles rather than dist/

v0.8.1 - 2017-06-01

  • Changed package.json to create hglib.css rather than style.css

v0.8.0 - 2017-06-01

  • Switched to webpack 2
  • Various warning fixes in the code
  • Pull chromsizes from the tilesets table instead
  • Remove the chroms table and app

v0.7.3 - 2017-05-23

  • Added stroke width as a property of line tracks
  • Fixed view layout bug caused by the "i" member of the layout not matching the view's uid
  • Fixed resizing so that vertical changes get handled immediately


  • Added purple and turquoise colors
  • Added an option to control the label opacity


  • Added horizontal and vertical track viewport projections
  • Bug fix where assembly name gets removed from track label


  • Added an assembly selector to the GenomePositionSearchBox
  • Prefix track names with their assembly


  • Lower the default resolution of lines for performance reasons
  • Added outsideLeft, outsideRight, outsideTop and outsideBottom as available axis positions


  • Component sizes are adjsuted on component load
  • Genome position search box styling is set to not have a bottom margin


  • Unbounded functionality to increase the size of the layout if new tracks are added which increase its size
  • Configurable track label background opacity
  • Fixed: vertical colorbar label mirroring


  • Bug fix: closing a track which had a value scale lock with another track now works


  • Bug fix: tracks rendered with locked scale, rather than just the colorbar
  • Bug fix: locked line scales
  • Bug fix: assorted other track locking, scale and colorbar bugs


  • Added value scale locking
  • Fixed bug where newly added heatmaps didn't render (syncTrackObjects needs to call applyZoomTransform)
  • Fixed bug where new chromosome axis didn't appear after being added - Had to call animate after the chromosome info was received


  • Added colorbar for Heatmaps
  • Draw scales on the outside of the linear tracks
  • Added the SquareMarkerTrack


  • Scale tracks from minimum to maximum value, rather than starting at 0


  • Fixed a minor issue with chromosome labels not being exported


  • Automatically draw the 2D grid after the data is loaded
  • Add animated zoom transitions
  • Add public BEDPE-like API to navigate to a given location
  • SVG export
  • Testing using Karma
  • (Might have been in a different release) Default to interpolation-less rendering


  • Fixed resizing bug


  • Added mm9 chromosome labels
  • Draw chromosome labels on reload
  • Take name from track options


  • Revert the initialXDomain changes Fritz introduced because they were causing issues with faithful reproduction of viewconfs
  • Change 'tilesetInfo not loaded message' to 'loading...' until we either get an error or the tileset is loaded
  • Omit certain fields from JSON export (HiGlassComponenent.getViewsAsString)


  • Fixed export viewconfig link bug


  • Added the fall colormap and made it the default


  • Fix Chromosome2DAnnotations not being drawn by calling draw after the ChromosomeInfo is loaded
  • Zoom to the currently visible data
  • Use the minimum position to load data that is not located at the origin
  • Viewconf downloads work on Firefox
  • Alert when trying to project a viewport on the same view
  • Resize handle positions fixed in Firefox
  • Track config button icons fixed in Firefox
  • Only redraw in timedUpdate if track positions have changed
  • Fixed top and left axis not appearing bug
  • Fixed chromosome horizontal labels not appearing
  • Show minValue pixels by scaling from minValue to maxValue + minValue and adding minValue to each pixel
  • Fix viewport projection error when new viewconfig is passed


  • Labels outside of the bounds of a track
  • Label colors


  • A host of performance improvements


  • Empty accidental release


  • Add log scaling to line tracks
  • Add colors to line tracks
  • Add width option to 2D grid
  • Add color option to 2D grid


  • Add per-view zoomFixed settings
  • Added configurable viewport projection colors (projectionFillColor, projectionStrokeColor)
  • Added an empty .npmignore to prevent it from excluding the dist/ directory specified in the .gitignore
  • Enhance 2D annotations by supporting RGBA, fill and stroke-dependent coloring, and locus-wise min width / height definitions
  • Remove builds. Use NPM


  • Fixed bug related to the selection of the plot type
  • Update existing tracks before adding new ones in syncTrackObjects
  • Removed the "Move up" menu item
  • Deep copy incoming viewconfs so that changing them outside of the component leads to an update
  • Added onLocationChanged event listener


  • Forgot to bump the version number in 0.5.2


  • Don't draw data that extends beyond the end of the assembly
  • Fixed bug where data was being hidden in empty (all 0) tiles - Changed minVisibleValue and maxVisibleValue in TiledPixiTrack
  • Label the horizontal and vertical line tracks by default


  • Configurable gene annotation colors
  • Added chromosome annotations tracks for programmatically addeable annotations
  • Fixed the 'Cannot read property 0 of undefined' bug when tileset info is inaccessible
  • Remove track resize handles when the component isn't editable
  • Fix bug associated with setting a new initial[X/Y]Domain where the cumulativeCenterOffset wasn't being reset
  • Bug fix where if a view doesn't have a uid we should assign it one


  • Default to 12 columns
  • Display a warning if tileset info isn't found
  • Use 16bit floats for heatmap data


  • Remove default colormap from viewconfig


  • Switch cog and close buttons


  • New header colors


  • Reduced the number of tiles requested by the horizontal heatmap track
  • Removed console log statements


  • Fixed regression and compatibility change with new zoom and location locking
  • Fixed regression in the selection dragging


  • Added a minimum width to left-axis so that it doesn't only show the last two digits by default
  • Added horizontal and vertical heatmaps
  • Styling changes for the Configure track controls
  • Fixed the bug with AddTrackMenu cancel button turning black by properly increasing the number of visible tilesets in TilesetFinder
  • Added options to allow flipping horizontal and vertical charts
  • Fixed NaN prefix bug
  • Fixed invalid negative value attributes for bug


  • Moved default heatmap information to lower right hand corner
  • Fixed a bug which distorted the view when initialized with an initial X scale and Y scale
  • Added white to red, white to green and white to blue scales
  • Added axes for the 1D tracks
  • Took the ID out of the view header
  • Added a white border behind the track controls


  • Fixed critical regression where track replacement wasn't working because newly created tracks didn't have their options set
  • Fixed a regression where track movement wasn't working because TiledPlot wasn't being updated
  • Increase the size of the tileset selector


  • Changed config.js Chromosome Labels to Chromosome Axis
  • Fixed default option setting so that it doesn't override provided options
  • Adding zoom limit option to heatmap
  • Add current resolution to the track label
  • Fixed regression caused by "Fast redraw by tiling commit"
  • Hitting enter in the genome position search box initiates a search


  • Fixed close button


  • Fractional zoom lock
  • Faster config menu loading
  • Faster track addition by limiting the udpates of TiledPlot (using shouldComponentUpdate)


  • Chromosome grid positions start at position 1
  • Export link includes 'app'


  • Changed tile API location to use included server value rather than prepending '//'


  • Removed dist directory from .gitignore


  • Use production react in the build
  • Added dist to .gitignore


  • Updated default view config
  • Wider ticks


  • Fritz's public API


  • Fritz's lazy animation
  • Fritz's public API
  • Minimum height for tracks can be specified in track type definition in config.js
  • New chromosome 2D grid (for hg19)
  • New chromosome 1D axis (for hg19)
  • New chromosome horizontal axis (for hg19)